Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Evening at the Hungarobirds ricefields

In the evening we attended the Hungarobirds's
ricefields because he wanted to build a hide in the middle of this flooded fields of Magyarka. When we went towards the ricefields, Yellow wagtails, Crested larks ran on the dirty road, everywhere. There were some interesting species: 4 Black Storks, 4 Scuacco Herons, 2 Collared Pratincoles and 30 Ferrugineous Ducks. Water Rail was screamed in the reed of a channel. Between the Nightherons and Great White Herons we saw 4 Cranes to feed. In the reedbeds Bitterns tromped. We know minimum 6 Bittern territories in this field. It was so funny. The hide was taken in about 8 pm. and we arrived home very wearily and untidily.

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