Monday, 18 February 2008

Goosewatching at the Kecskeri-puszta Nature Conversation Area

Yesterday I went birdwatching to the biggest fishpond of this region. Its name is: Kecskeri-reservoir.
Every autumn and winter a lot of geese visit this place. They usually fly on the lake beetween 10 and 14 p.m. and they drink and have a rest.
When I arrive at I observed one Rough-legged Buzzard and two Hen Harrier.

The geese fed in the lawn and they were more anxious than they usually do. There was a fox which agitated them. When I arrived into the birdwatching-hide on the lake were being about 6000 White-Fronted and a few Greylag geese.
The best goose species was one Barnacle Goose which is rare species in this country. There were four white tailed-eagles which usually attacked the geese....
Would you like to observe such geese-flocks like this? If you would like, you click here:

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