Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Snow Bunting on the frosty Puszta

Last evening I talked with my fiancee about the Show Buntings. This birds are only winter visitors in Hungary and you are lucky if you can see a few per year. Today I went to chack the geese on the biggest reservoir of this area. This huge lake is a meeting point for thousands of geese and ducks. The great flocks of geese mainly consist of Greylag, Bean and White-fronted geese, but among the flocks of ducks and geese we can usually find rare birds such as: Lesser white-fronted and Red-breasted geese. Today the weather wasn't favorable to goose-watching, but good to walk on the Puszta where the songbirds looked for some food: Reed Buntings, Gold Finches. Later I saw a quite white bird: it was a Snow Bunting.

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