Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wallcreeper and a huge bird

Last weekend we visited my friend on the Northern Hills. We picked him up in Egerszalók, where a large reservoir is located. There was our first stop. We obeserved a Red-throated diver and a flock of Mallards. The Diver was very friendly, so we tried to take pictures. The bird was very photogenic, because it was swimming to us when we took the pictures. After this nice experience we drove to the Bél-kő, where we wanted to see Wallcreepers and Alpine Accentors. Today was a nice sunny day so we walked to the old mine where these birds spend the winter. In the mine we could observe a Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Ravens. At night, when we drove home we had a nice experience: it was the largest European owl: the Eagle Owl.

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