Sunday, 2 March 2008

Golden Eagle, Lesser-White Fronted Goose, Bad Weather

Today Ákos and me went to visit some lawn-area in the Nagykunság. We checked a few eagle-nests, because there was a big storm on Saturday. When we were going above a fishpond we observed an adult white-tailed eagle. There was a Goshawk which agitated an other eagle: a juvenile Golden eagle! This is a fairly rare genera with us so we were very happy.

The weather was terrible but There were a lot of birds which species of a spring yet.
We observed a hundred of Lapwings, Starlings, Golden Plovers ewerywhere, but there were a few Great-grey Shrikes, Fieldfares etc. We had another really good observation.
On the grassland, which is nearby the fishponds about 400 geese were. We started to scrutinise them. About 15 minutes later we found a couple of Lesser White-Fronted Geese, Two beautiful adults.
The weather was really worthless but I think it was an amazing day because we found two species, which are fairy rare in our region. If you would like to find for example Lesser White-Fronted Goose with us, click here:

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