Thursday, 13 March 2008

My first biger flocks of waders in this season

Yesterday we started to restore our ricefields. It is a huge work and sometimes hard and difficult. There are many sluices and levees, which are to old, so they need a renovation. We were all day on the fields and worked for the birds, becouse it is a great feeding and resting place for those species that are closely connected to the wetlands. During the work we observed many birdspecieses. There were about 2000 golden plovers, 1500 lapwings and we saw a few greylag geese, great white egrets, hen harriers, marsh harriers, but there were the common specieses as well: starlings, reed buntings, corn buntings, mallards, sparrowhawk, kestler, sky lark, Pheasant, common crane, black-headed gull...
After the work we went to see the nearest fishpond, which is muddy now. On the mud were thousand of waders: little ringed-, ringed plovers, lapwings, ruffes, black-tailed godwits.
This day was hard on the ricefields, but the end compensated us for the many trauble. If you want to see this birds with us, please make a tailor made tour with our company:

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