Monday, 17 March 2008

Rarities of Sundays

On 9 of March I went to birdwatch with Ákos to the Kecskeri Reservoir. When we arrived I noticed about 3 thousand geese which were feeding on a lown.
We looked over that flock od geese, but there weren’t any interest geese-species. But! This one flock wasn’t the only one!There were even ten or eleven thousand geese behind this flock. Ákos found two Red-breasted geese which were in left side of the flock. While I looked over the flocks Ákos was asking me :Could you check-up that tree please?. There was one bird on the three: a Reed Bunting and another… Lapland Bunting! A male bird which was singing. A few photo was taken about the Bunting because it flew towards Dévaványa. It was a greatful experience!

At Csivag-fishponds one lake was flooded, so there were a lot of shorebirds and gulls, for example: the first Godwits, Ruffs, Redshanks of this year. The Spring was arrived!
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