Friday, 21 March 2008

My first white and black storks in this year

Today we went on doing the work at the rice fields.The weather, like yesterday was beautiful sunny. The weather was absolutely perfect to see the migrants. The common cranes came in a few big flocks (100-200 bird / flocks) all day, the buzzards and harriers moved like yesterday. On the cultivated field in the morning I could see my first white stork in this year. It is a beutiful bird and here in Hungary, this bird is a symbol: here is the Spring. A few minutes later I could observe the other stork species: in the sky a huge flock of black stork was moving towards north. I could count 47 birds. It was amazing. With this experience I was very happy, but the day has something in store for me: long eared owls and a lapland bunting. The owls roosted between the old rice-stalks. The lapland bunting came before me, when I was spending my lunchtime. This day was amazing. If you want read more about the Hungarian spring birding, click here:

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