Saturday, 22 March 2008

The spring on Telekhalma

On Friday Ákos and Me went to the Telekhalmi-fishponds because there was a completely good weather and we wanted to make a little birdringing-action in spring. We put out the nets but the birds weren't going. While Ákos was doing the birdringing I went to birdwatch along the fishpond-parts.

The wind was blowing strongly but there were a lots of birds, mainly ducks: thousands of mallars, wigeons, a few Ferrugineous Ducks, Gadwalls, Teals, Garganeys, Shovelers, Red-crested Pochards, Pochards, Tufted ducks, and last but not least, 3 Goldeneyes. On the little-fishponds there were emty, only a few Black-headed Gulls and Coots were there. But all day there were a lots of water pipit. The first Osprey of 2008 was observed above the last little-fishpond. And the best: I found a Black-tailed Godwit which had some coloured rings.

In the afternoon the weather was being completely terrible so we packed up our equipment and started to go home. Above the biggest part of fishponds we observed a pair of Imperial eagles .

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