Monday, 31 March 2008

Long-legged buzzard!

Today I went to check the rice fields, becouse last week it was raining here, so we waiting for the dry soil condition, that we can carry on the work. The soil is too muddy to work, but good for the birds: yellow wagtails, paid wagtais, great white egrets, black storks and a few green sandpipers were there. In the sky skylarks were singing and a few raptors: buzzard...buzzard...buzzard and ohhh a Long-legged buzzard! It is a beautiful bird! Later I saw a few marsh harriers, hen harriers and a imperial eagle. Bound for home I saw a few other species: black-necked grebes, robins, black redstarts, weatears, stonechat, icterine warbler. The white storks mate and repair the their nest at the end of my lane.

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